The style of URBAN-retro-PLATINUM

Smooth, Slick, Eclectic, Stylish, Sick, Timeless, Modern, Creative, Love, Like, Inspired,  Off da block,   

These are the words of affirmation for something they like is given to those producing their own tumblr pages. Very rarely would I come across the words such as ‘lovely, great, cute, great, trendy, gorgeous, It, chic, die for, must have’  that I would normally see on mainstream websites, magazines, blogs, or even Facebook.

Having been in the fashion industry for many years,  I am drawn more and more to tumblr pages for inspiration.

Why? Four main reasons…

1.There is no scrolling adverts or twitter timelines obscuring or detracting,

2. There is no self promotion e.g. ‘Like this page’ or ‘Follow me’ posts that I have come across of late.

3. The simplicity and clarity of it. It is either just an image, a quote or what I like more about it, very rarely a snippet of a conversation

4. And the content that I have found!!

Very few have a Facebook or Twitter platform (and if they do it is rarely updated) but many have garnered hundreds of followers.

Yes! They definitely follow fashion mainstream, that’s a given, but it is the author’s take, taste and interpretation of what they think is stylish,cool and inspiring to them that intrigues me. They are not targeting anyone, they are simply sharing what they have either found, created or spoken. Many seem to have found their own flow and the synergy between old school and new school. In addition, when you find a page that you like, you will visually realise you have made a connection with author ‘s statements.

Their adventures and views on life and styles make it delicious to follow. It is all the above and that makes it  Urban Retro for me  and I believe in time will become Retro Platinum ‘will remain cool indefinitely’

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