Thank goodness! Romance is not dead on screen or in real life

I think my heart got jump-started again from the big and small screen that has not happened in a long while.

I can only recall these films that I have had genuine reactions to besides the normal, blazé  response that I give to others.

Imitation of life  1959– My all time favourite

Colour Purple 1985 – I bawled my eyes out

Eddie Murphy’s Delirious  1983– ‘Ice-cream man is coming‘ and ‘Goonie goo goo‘ CLASSIC!

Usual Suspects 1995– Literally an out loud ‘Bloody brilliant!’ in the cinema to which I remember getting applauded for from the audience.

Exorcist 1973 – Not good for a naive 13-year-old sunday school going girl, who watched a good bootleg video at her mates house after school. I slept in my mum’s bed for months, went to church every weekend and refused to watch any horror films for many  years!

Shrek 2001 – Watched this on a flight to New York and even got a couple of the stewards to tell me not to laugh too loud!

Don’t get me wrong. I have seen some very good films over the years, but in the space of 48 hours I have seen 3 romantic episodes in 3 very different contexts that have awaken me…

First I went to see the film Drive  2011 starring Ryan Gosling. Not a leading actor or name and the posters only showed 4 or 5 star ratings and not much else except ‘Must See’. I don’t take much notice on reviews as I like to make my own decision, but after seeing the trailer I decided to go. I got engrossed in the film! Whilst watching the elevator scene I didn’t know if I was having a pure  ‘Mmmm! Oo! la, la!‘ moment  at the intensity of  the kiss with Carey Mulligan or sense of dread of what he was about to do to the other guy!  The scene was so engaging and surreal that I still think about it! An imperfect romantic, emotive, violently enjoyable, car chase, heist of a film.

'Oh! So good I will watch again and again' Drive 2011

Second, I later that evening I watched  Entourage season 8 finale. Ari quitting sacrificing his business to save his marriage and succeeding, Vince finding the love of his life and whisking everyone off to Paris in a private jet to get hitched, and his best friend E reuniting with his now pregnant ex-finance, Sloane,  also flying off on a private jet (paid for by Vince as a gift) to anywhere they wanted to go. I noticed the little tribute to the film Pretty Woman with Sloane in a red dress standing my the plane. Both planes took off simultaneously. Going to miss this show!

The final episode was real life.  Whilst power-walking with my friend around  a sunny Victoria Park, a couple were sitting and talking. In the next instant the man placed his hand unexpectedly on the girl’s. She looked at him with what I could only describe as wonderment and happiness and she smiled one of those smiles that you just know deep in your soul was heartfelt.

The gesture was so small but ever so touching. Even my friend noticed and commented on it too!

We can all be so engrossed in everyday life of work, bills, meeting friends blah, blah, blah, that we can forget the little things and I am the first to put my hands up and admit that I too do forget. And romance doesn’t always have to revolve around sex! For me, romance takes many forms for each and every one of us. It has a style which is unique and is instant vintage every time! Having said that, it’s time for me to get ‘busy’.

Viva! Romance to you all!

Find your own park bench. This is mine!

2 Responses to “Thank goodness! Romance is not dead on screen or in real life”
  1. Good post, saw you on bing and happy I clicked. Keep up the fascinating work!


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