London Fashion Week. My day 2. The Smiles

Fashion is a serious business where dreams are made or broken. Some may think it trivial but it is part of your everyday life, like it or not. You wake up every morning and dress in what makes you feel good. St Martin’s Lane Hotel was my first stop to see Francesca Marotta’s beautiful presentation. Had a giggle with the professional and courteous staff of Felicities PR and then popped over to Somerset House for a quick wander.

I enjoy taking photos especially when I happen to capture the ‘genuine smiles’. Times maybe tough but smile will always give you that instant vacation.

Jeremy 'Clark Kent' From Felicities PR

Alison 'Lois Lane' Lowe. Director, Felicities PR

"Aye, Aye!' Robert Clayton, Designer with Butters.

Having your pic taken by Cosmo Magazine! Emma Crosby and Carrie

Still smiling with a broken leg!

Butters bugging out!

Looking good with that cute wink

Imogen Belfield and Stephanie Grace Foy having a laugh

Aizak 'Always ready with a smile at sound of a camera shutter' Byondo

Aww... Sitting & rubbing those feet. You know the feeling

'Help' We were given the wrong directions but smiled bumping into friends

5 Responses to “London Fashion Week. My day 2. The Smiles”
  1. Emma Crosby says:

    What a great take on the day


  2. Stephanie says:

    LOVE this!! Brings out the best of LFW- the goodtimes!!


  3. Francesca Marotta says:

    Thanks for mentioning my collection! Francesca


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