A Home House Special

Even though I had the worst head cold in many a moons and felt like I was on a constant roller coaster, I did not want to miss this!


The private members club opened its doors to a Monday night, invite only special called Passenger.  A new monthly event organised by like-minded creative individuals such as the ever so lovely Emma Jackson,  for all creative disciplines from music to fashion, stylists to singers, film-makers to designers to network and be able to buy exclusive goodies and have a rocking party.

Premiering on the fashion side  and organised by Emma Crosby from London A La Mode, private orders were taken on the super British talents such as Imogen Belfield with her stunning jewellery, Kundalini Arts and their beautiful hand finished silk scarves, Claudine London art deco inspired bags, and great head wear pieces by Her Curious Nature. What a great ‘mess’ it was! With people trying things on, and hearing the phrase of the night replayed over and over from stylists and photographers…‘Email me! I really like this and  would like to use these for a shoot/video’  

They were cocooned with beautiful live music from Ebru and Stereo Decade. The DJ sets kept you happily awake and made you forget that tomorrow was only Tuesday!  For the next one go to this link for further information YuMiHu (also on Facebook)

Funny that the all the people I met that night were NOT actual member of Home House but what fun, beautiful, crazy bunch they all were! You would never think it was a Monday!

Enjoy the slide show too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 Responses to “A Home House Special”
  1. Emma Crosby says:

    AMAZING pics and great write up x


  2. TJ says:

    Fabulous night!!! Can’t wait for the next one! …I have plans… creatively cunning ones.. !


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