Skating on community spirit

I was awoken this late Sunday morning to Chaka Khan’s ‘I feel for you’ blaring from where I don’t know. I actually didn’t mind as I knew it was not my neighbour as they have no taste in music so it had to be coming from somewhere nearby.

It was coming from  Langthorne Park. I was greeted by numerous families, familiar faces and neighbours. Friends of Langthorne Park wanted to organise free events for the summer holidays. To kick-start the fun was Roller skating. Your donation gave you skates and kit protection.

I told Amanda and Lynn, 2 of the organisers, that they did well for putting on such an event and making good use of the space.

Whilst being given a brief  I was disappointed, but not surprised, to note that some big corporate giants are as tight as an ant arse!

” We (Friends of Langthorne Park) have been preparing this for 2 months and we want to do some kind of event every month to bring us all together. Lucky this was all prepared before the London Riots otherwise we would have stood no chance!

We did have some great donations but having said that the one’s you’d think would help don’t! The local council (Waltham Forest) wouldn’t! They wanted to charge us a £1000.00 per day to use the space. And to top it off , our local Asda kindly donated 6 bottles of their 17 pence water compared to Tesco’s that gave us £200! Community Spirit…Huh! You have to do for yourselves and so far having a great turn out and a lot of support for those who really care.”

And they did. The sun was out and the place was packed. Whether that support continues we just have to wait and see. I salute them for their committment and showing what community spirit can be.

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