The tribulations and jubilations of a Fashion Agent. This week…No Trials

As many of you may know I’m a Fashion Agent, and for me and many others, this is the start of the Spring/Summer 2012 selling season.

Yes! I get to see what you could possibly be wearing 6 months ahead and before it hits the shop floors.

What is a Fashion Agent? We are what you would call the ‘Middle Men’. We liaise between the manufacturer and the retailer. From producing orders to feedback from retailers. We are either approached or sourced by brands that want to enter into the UK market.  We have to have a good eye,  commercial and business acumen, social skills and KNOW our customers and market.

The Agent takes a sample collection into their showroom so that buyers can make their selection. Their orders are sent to supplier, produced then delivered 6 months later or earlier. We may also show collections on behalf of the brand at exhibitions/ trade fairs in other countries and cities such as London Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekBread & Butter Berlin , Tranoi, Paris, Gallery, Copenhagen and Pure London.

Without the likes of Agents or Distributors such as me, (Distributors buy samples/ stock whereas an Agent does not) brands such as Armani, Valentino, Thierry Mugler (see Beyoncé last world tour ’09) Seven Jeans, Miss Sixty, Replay, Citizens for All Mankind, See by Chloe & Sass and Bide would not be known to you or seen in magazines or celebrities etc.

My season kicked off with Pure Premium, Olympia London 7th-9th August. The pressure of organisation is high and can be exciting as our selling window (time of which to get as many orders as we can) is 6 weeks as we have to be in time for manufacturers to start production.

Still after more than 15 years I get sleepless nights from the anticipation of the build-up to the season. For beside the exhibition (s) preparations, meetings etc.  I have been promoting and pre-booking appointments for the prior 7 weeks.

Pure London was great! Even though I developed a back problem, stupidly paid £1.39 for a small bottle of orange juice! And  the fast onslaught of the despicable London Riots. which has dominated and devastated the UK.

After the show it is straight back to the showroom with my partner in fashion-crime London-a-la-Mode for the rest of the week’s appointments.

And what a great start to the season it was! All collections took orders! So look out for them next year in stores.

You can read my interview with TribaSpace to know more, follow me on twitter for updates

or check out my tumblr page 

Main Hall of Pure Exhibition

Entrance to Pure Premium

Bar area of Pure Premium with Iconic Zandra Rhodes mannequin

Archive images of Totem, Brazil.

Free bags for buyers. courtesy of Brazilian Fashion Council

Zandra Rhodes on stage. Providing tips for buyers

International buyers

Emma, London-a-la-Mode wearing Backstage Presents and Her Curious Nature Fascinator

'The Start' Maverik Agency and London-a-London Pop-up Showroom

Draper's. One of UK's trade industries fashion bibles.

£1.39 for this little bottle of Orange! Nuts & stupid me!


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