‘Keep it new’ The Wedding

Bringing it back to how it used to be… Sandra and Brian’s wedding was a true delight! And not just saying that because they are life long friends, but for the fact that it has been a long time since I had attended a traditional ‘Old Skool’ Wedding.

LUCKY WE DIDN’T MISS! I actually thought the wedding was the next day! I checked the invite only to find out that we had 3 hours to get ready and cancel the plans my partner and I had made that day. Relaying our close call to my friend, it turned out we were not the only one’s! He also thought that the wedding was tomorrow too and actually had tickets to go and watch Arsenal play that day! Funny as heck but the pain on face was visible…Ha! (he changed the tickets for another day)

I have not been in church since I don’t know when, but it was a beautiful setting and the Priest was actually funny. As my sister could not attend and is one of the Brides best mates, I had to take pictures and send asap.  P.S. being in prayer and texting is a first for me. I know it is a ‘No, No!’, but I am sure I got salvation singing ‘ This little light of mine’ at the top of my voice as the whole congregation two stepped to the rhythm.

The ceremony was fun and short. ‘I do‘ was stated Brian literally threw his arms around Sandra in the biggest hug, then the kiss! Whoops went up loud and happy. The Groom, not the Bride, was in tears!

The reception at the art deco Walthamstow Assembly Hall was beautifully done. The entrance of the happy couple was the Dance off  like the end scene from the film ‘HITCH (see YouTube video) but only with the wedding set and the staff making the 2 lines. 200 guests seated to a delicious menu (a buffet for the 150 plus evening guests), short, great speeches, a surprise overseas video from the Grooms mother who could not attend due to illness and a simple first dance.

The DJ marinated the marriage with smooth tunes and rare grooves such as Secret rendezvous by Rene & Angela & , Body Fusion by Starvue and kicking the women into chorus of Betty Wrights ‘Keep Love New’.

Reminiscent of rare groove days of nights at  no longing existing clubs such as Raw, Trends and Dougie’s. And of course Cameo’s ‘Candy’ induced the Candy Dance or what I still call The Electric Slide dance off between the catering staff, the Bride and her maids on the stage and the 100 plus women guests on the main floor.

We came out on a beautiful sunny day in our finest to celebrate a happy union.  And that it was. This wedding rocked!

Big love to Sandra and Brian. Thank you!

(All images taken by me)

Sandra and Brian

8 Responses to “‘Keep it new’ The Wedding”
  1. Tracy f says:

    The build up to this wedding, I knew it was going to be a good day but in fact it turn into a fabulous day. Brian brought out the emotional not just in me but all the wedding party and guests. The church service was beautiful and the bride and groom made it heavenly. The reception was a sensational event, foot stomping and foot burning and you know that means a bloody good evening. I was privilege to be ask to be a bridesmaid and hoped I played my role.
    To Brian and Sandra, happy life god bless with all my love
    Tracy, Rhianna n Tyla xx


  2. Tracy-Ann says:

    To Mr & Mrs Joseph, thank you both for a truly wonderful day, Sandra you looked absolutely beautiful and Bryan you were looking well sharp my friend. Congratulations again on your marrige & may you both have happiness & love always. Tracy-Ann xx

    Uncle Brian & Aunty Sandra thankyou for having me as a flowergirl at your wedding i had a lovely time & i love my present. I love you both very much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TT


  3. Sade says:

    Oh my gosh you summed up the day perfectly! Fantastic day! The boys quoted to me.
    “the best party ever mum!”


  4. Tracy f says:

    Thanking you both for inviting me to such a bumbastic wedding. It was an emotional, heartfelt and joyful day. You both looked criss. The wedding party did look amazing too. The Same time next year for the new arrival………joke me a mek!! loll Peace and love jah bless
    Love Sister Iris xxxx


  5. Miss Tracy says:

    What an event….yes the event organiser did good (Sandra is never off duty)!!

    It was great to be part of such a beautiful, meaniful wedding. I was an emotional day ( I blubbed my way through my short speech! )

    Special thanks to Brian and Sandra for asking myself and Kieran to be involved.

    I was honoured to be one of your bridesmaids and was proud mother of the page boy/ring bearer. Kieran has a fabulous time, he said and I quote ” that was a fantastic party” – great praise indeed from a three year old!

    Congratulations to you both, may you enjoy a lifetime of happiness. xXx

    Miss Tracy (M) & Kieran.


  6. Irene B says:

    Excellent write up Bee! I can’t wait to see more pics!! Congratulations Sandra and Brian!!! We love you!!

    Mike, Irene, Kelsey & Alyssa xxx


  7. Paulette Byng says:

    Saturday 30th July 2011 Brian & Sandra’s Wedding

    After sitting in traffic for over ½ an hour due to a march happening in Walthamstow we eventually reach the church.

    St Michaels & Angel Church
    What a church it was spacious and reverent and superbly decorated.

    The Groom
    How handsome was Brian, there in his navy blue tails just looking so debonair.
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of his bride to be, looking super nervous and excited at the same time.

    The Bridal Party
    Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous
    Little Kieran the ring bearer doing his thing only 3 yrs old bless him what a little man he was I sure know that his mother was well proud.
    The flowers girl and the Bridesmaids. Mwoah loved them.
    Sophisticated dress with come to bed shoes oh how they all looked so fashionable.

    The Bride
    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Now when the Bride arrived it took my breath away it was like WOW Sandra…………
    The hair & the dress oh- my- gosh perfect the style of the dress was a perfect and I mean perfect choice along with the hairstyle & hair accessories’.

    The Service
    A truly lovely service with great hymns made you want to dance whilst singing. I was a tapping my foot and slapping my thigh whilst trying to hear my own voice as hubby was singing so loud.

    The Vows
    Oh man Brian Brian Brian you had us all busting eye water. It was so emotional and I think the fact that Brian is Confident and Cockey made it that bit more special.

    The Reception

    Walthamstow Forest Academy Hall
    What a place it was so pretty. The waterfall in the middle of the grounds, the beautiful flowers fully bloomed, the sunshine and the guests.

    Had a lovely refreshing drink then on into the dinner hall.

    BAM I had to ask is this Sandra & Brian’s Wedding or is this Zara Philips wedding (lool)

    Spectacularly decorated the walls the stage the tables and oh cannot forget the HEAD TABLE BAM King & Queen style Exquisite.

    The Food
    Damn the food was nice the jerk chicken was a little hot see some people sweating under their weaves but it was all good.

    Brian don’t mean to run you down but how I know you are such a confident person full of mouth and to hear your speech really and truly “U Gwarn like u ah Bad man but ur a big softie underneath”. (Sandra tamed you already) it was romantic to see a woman hold a place in your heart so dearly.

    Where Sandra showed the video of Brian’s Mum who was unable to make it just showed me the love and respect she holds for you as that was a very loving and special thing to do.

    The Dancing
    Yep Music was good had me and hubby rocking no correction jamming on the dance floor. We danced so much that come Sunday it was like we done a massive workout the day before.

    The People
    The Wedding guests where lovely they all made a superb effort and where very friendly. No one was too nice for nothing. The ambiance was on point.
    Saw a lot of face of people we knew so had a few catch ups and met some really lovely people as well Bridgette & Angelo, lovely couple.

    Summing Up
    The day was a beautiful day I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 1st class all the way.
    I hope you both enjoyed your day as much as we did and Thanks to both of you for making us part of your day. It so nice to see a couple so in love.

    Mr & Mrs Byng


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