Vintage fashion &memorabilia. Hoxton ‘Music’ Hall

Sunny Sunday and invited by my friend Amanda Hewson to my first ever vintage fair as she was exhibiting there with her hand-made vintage jewellery range.

Built in 1863  and a visible landmark on Hoxton Street, Hoxton Hall was not the grandeur that I expected it to be, as it seemed and I presume that much of the decor had been stripped back to 80’s style. However the delightful music hall and its stage was in original format.

I was entertained by vintage films, lovely stalls, great people and old school sing-a-long by musical hall entertainers. They even put on a Hoxton walkabout! I loved the prints from Sideshow Design by the youthful looking Matt and Richard with their old sayings poster with words such as ‘palava‘ and their print ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star‘. Look out for them as you will shortly be able to buy their prints at the V&A shop.

It is Hoxton Hall’s first vintage fair. It may have been thin on the ground with visitors, but it was free entry, friendly, entertaining. And I am sure it will grow into a very popular venue.

All images have been taken by me. If anyone has been missed please email your link. Thanks

4 Responses to “Vintage fashion &memorabilia. Hoxton ‘Music’ Hall”
  1. That fair looks absolutely amazing, I’m so jealous! Great pictures as well.



  2. Little Tart says:

    We had such a fun day! Great photos.
    Lovely to meet you, hope you enjoyed the lemon curd. LTx


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