To tell the truth my brain is frazzled from a very busy week.

Spring/Summer 2012 sales campaign is edging closer, and the mountain of preparation work is reducing but  taxing.

The internet is abuzz with fresh inspirational concepts, new directions, gossip and viewing all the Fall/winter ad campaigns (My favourite being Prada at present). It’s all exciting, fast and full on.

Pre Spring/summer 2012

Fall/winter 2011

Taking time out is a must for all and the meaning of the word RELAX to me is…

R – redirect my focus with anything that is not to do with fashion from time to time and have a laugh.

I have been taking late evening walks around the neighbourhood and checking in with friends, which resulted in the best quote I have received all week from a friend in the USA. They are currently sweltering in mad heat over there

Quote…”Its so hot, I’ve just seen squirrels fanning their nuts’

E  – Enhance my energy level by weekly power walks and do the complete opposite by  just sitting in silence. (Wish I had taken more naps as a child, that’s for sure!)

– Laugh more and learn to love my mistakes (and try NOT to make to make of them either)

A  – Add more quality to my life whatever it maybe


2 best friends


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