Cutting through Facebook

I don’t always know what I like but I definitely do know what I DON’T like and one is wasting time.

There are many portals for social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and  MySpace (have never used or visited this site mind you), that sometimes you may have the feeling that you are out of the loop and it can be all a bit much. I like Twitter is great for short bursts of info (still getting to know the slang on this site), Tumblr for sharing images/business and LinkedIn mainly for business connections. Both are easy to use.

But I admit I prefer Facebook. I can be selective, connect with my family and friends everywhere, be socially entertained, and best yet actually gauge a relative reaction to what people are actually thinking or doing from their posts and comments.

As much time as I spend on Facebook, updating my own page and keeping up to date with numerous fashion pages/blogs, I do need great distractions elsewhere other than my field of expertise such as arts and events etc. And as much as many  of you don’t like to admit it, Facebook is good at providing a platform for all to see  in one place and engage if you want to.

So as time poor as I sometime can be Facebook lumps all my interests in one window where i can scroll and check them out.   Below I list to my current favourite Facebook shortcut pages that I like that I highly enjoy. I add and delete pages every so often, but these below are keepers for now. They speak for themselves wonderfully.

Hope you find your Facebook shortcut set.

The Cool Hunter ‘Roaming the globe so you’re in the know ‘

Its Facebook page has well laid out albums, clean, visually stimulating and just outright COOL!.

The Impossible Cool‘ Style is knowing who you are, what you say and not giving a damn’

Great black and white photographs of icons current and past, from film, music and fashion. One Exposure A photo gallery with thousands of world-class photos hand-picked by a team of 7 experienced editors. 20 new shots daily!  – Amazing photography!

It’s great being me‘Share a great memory of you! It’s great being me

It’s NEW and I like this original page celebrating ones self. Good moral boost.

Dear blank, please blank -‘ To whom it may concern’.

Got at dry sense of humour? Well this hilariously funny page and their twitter quotes from the masses are well worth a visit

Hypebeast ‘Hypebeast, a lifestyle magazine that features the latest in men’s fashion, art, design and music.

It maybe a mens site but they have some great posts.

Beautiful life‘Beautiful Life is online magazine dedicated to all aspects of design. Beautiful Life is full of interesting and unique info about creative design, beautiful art and luxury lifestyle’

 Name me one person who doesn’t like to see beautiful things?!

Ads of the World‘We’re the largest ad community in the world’

Showcasing interesting and generally humorous print and video adverts from around the globe.


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