Barbican’s Dance Nations Dalston 2011

It’s been many years since I was last in Dalston on a Saturday. Making my way to Barbican’s Dance Nations, the busy high street still has flavour and spice!

Gillett Square looks sterile if you had taken away all the stands and the stages, but ignoring that the event was pure joy! You got into the people, the good vibes and the temperamental warmth of the sun. I had decided to only go for a couple of hours, ended up staying 6!

There were 4 highlights for me. Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda, a tight, energised, Brazilian band that literally got engaged with the crowd, playing serious latin rhythm grooves.  Yaaba Funk, a 10-piece set, that played Hi-Life/Afro Funk with pure love. Bass Clef & the Hackney Memorial Free Jazz Marching Band that had smooth base that literally made your rib cage move! And finally Boy Blue Entertainment. An award wining hip-hop dance troop that  entertained us with their moves, had the kids sleeping happily tonight after their funny dance lesson.

If you were there, I know you had fun. If you wasn’t make sure next time you go. And this event was FREE!

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