Converse… How many pairs!

24 pairs & counting


Our shoe cupboard is INSANE! Besides the sandals,boots, shoes, flip-flops and trainers, there is only 2 of us in this house and there are 24 pairs of Converse sneakers! Sick!

Admittedly I have 6 pairs and I have battered only 1 adored pair  that I love and bought in NY more than 8 years ago. Plus they are comfortable as I wear mine with insoles for added comfort.

My favourite USA store for trainer treats has to be MAJOR in George Town, Washington DC. I like the fact that trainers are layered upon each other and not in a market stall way either so you never know what you are going to find. Plus they have the slickest collection I have seen in anyone place.

The rest belong to my partner who is religious in having fresh Converse AND made from only a certain country as they have a better fit. For him it can be like the holy grail finding the right fit of converse. Plus they have to be white! He will wear black  but rarely and this goes for other colours.


I love footwear but 80% of the time I am in Converse. They go with just about everything for everyday. Dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, you name it. They are great to take on trips as you can squash them up as they weigh hardly anything, and so have travelled the world with us from Bali to the USA, Europe and back.

After taking the pictures I asked if he would be able to pair them back up.

‘Easy. You just know’

Major in DC (image from

Converse in Bali




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