125 years of ‘The Real Thing’. Coca-Cola

Whenever our mum said to my sister and I ‘You can go and get a tin of coke and share,’ we RAN to the kitchen like to mini Flo-Jo’s!

And boy! Did we make that drink last!  Mini zips!

As kids having a tin of coke was ‘Da Lick’ and Christmas it was Advocate and lemonade or Baby Cham, then we totally lost our minds! Obviously, little did we know as we know now that as kids it would give us the buzz of the day and made everything hyper fun.

125 years of the ‘The Real’ has done well to have survived wars, recessions, etc to still be one of the most iconic and highly recognised brand in the world today and still tastes good.

You can bring out all other versions of cocoa cola but we all still say ‘ Can I have a Coke.’ (coca cola is too long to say). And we all ask for  it the same way when out of a drink…JD & COKE, RUM & COKE, VODKA & COKE

I even heard of people using coca-cola for domestic uses. Which is ok to know but WHY? I have better versions to these uses.

USES: A good rust buster 

B’s REPLY – Get a new one

USES: Window cleaning 

B’s REPLY – Bucket of water with vinger and wipe down 

USES: In a BBQ sauce

B’S REPLY – Will try this one!

USES: Cleans pans

B’s REPLY – use soap, hot water and scrub!

The best way it to DRINK IT!

1930's Coca-Cola Aluminium Carrier

Coca-Cola Group Designers

Coca-Cola 2006 World Cup Token

3 Responses to “125 years of ‘The Real Thing’. Coca-Cola”
  1. jo says:

    you can make a yummy glaze for ham with it as well!


  2. Emma Crosby says:

    So cool


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