Trends for Trash

I know the summer is here, but I’m still seeing people in styles I wish they would just trash!

Before viewing the show, I do have to give a mention to the JHERI CURL.

Hands up, I did have  one as a teenager and I remember a lot of hair spritzing and afro picking and a hell of a lot of  laundry.

It later on would be one of the comedy highlights of  late 80’s film Coming to America.

Oh, how we all followed.


So here are the rest of my Trends for Trash

P.S. Missing from this slide show… Girls with shirts tucked into leggings!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 Responses to “Trends for Trash”
  1. Myles says:

    I must be so out of touch I actually like the gold hot pants (ok, maybe not in a supermarket, more appropriate in a super club) and the brogues with sorry, I’ll get my coat.


  2. jo says:

    glad you didn’t put pajama jeans on your list. I can’t wait to get a pair. they look so comfy!


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