Aspiring ‘Ninja Nannies’

“How could you miss that?! He was two metres in front of you, smiling”

“Oh! I didn’t see that ” Deborah says

“See what?” says Amanda trying to do a 360 head turn to see what eye candy she missed

“You two are really Mrs Magoo !”

I had already clocked that a bike wanting to pass us on the canal  had slowed down behind us.

We keep on power walking, not making room.

The biker slowly snakes through us without a word.

“Ring your bell next time!” I shout after it.

Turning to the girls I say I’m starting to get fed up with the lack of consideration some of these

bikers have for not ringing their bell or stating that they are coming through.

“Just play ‘Fire starter‘ says Amanda ‘and you will be in your  ‘Don’t mess mode’

We laugh and carry on.

5 minutes later…

“So what exercise will we be doing when we can’t power walk anymore and how old is it acceptable to still be on Facebook?”

(Amanda says the best comments some times)

Deborah and I burst out laughing!

“INNIT!” we both state.

A small debate ensues at to whether we would still be on Facebook in 10 years time? (But that’s for  another blog)

‘Hopefully still power walking! And if we keep this up for the next 20 years we would be probably be

‘NINJA NANNIES’. Looking good and taking no mess! ” I say.

We all crack up laughing.



Aspiring to be Ninja Nannies


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