A Love Letter

Why I love my man… We are complete opposites in most things. That’s why we work. Angelo  can work my last nerve but he makes me laugh! When we look back at some of the crazy, annoying things he has done he is surely naughty but funny with it.

He wouldn’t always give you his last £1  but he would  always share it with it you  50/50. When he says sorry he means it. Without fail he brings me a morning cup of tea in bed 90% of the time, and always gives me a kiss hello and goodbye.

For me Angelo has a good soul and a great heart.

I received an email from my brother-in-law Michael in the USA of a woman who asked her husband to style her for a week. It got me wondering if my man took much notice of how I dressed daily. I do get a few ‘You look good babe.’s and only ever had one ‘Never wear that again!’ comment that I can remember.

So I asked him to do the experiment just to see what he would do.

‘Babe. Need you to do me a favour.’


‘ Could you pull an outfit for me every day for a week and I have to wear what you have chosen’


‘Just do it for me please…’

‘Oh! But why? Have you seen your wardrobe! Why…’ A tirade of excuses start to flow

I plead and for 5 mins. ‘Ok. but you better wear it!’

I got 3 days worth. (But, better than nothing)

Have to say that he did ok! At least he did not make me look like a clown and I did wear the outfits on those days to my appointments. Angelo showed me that he DOES take  notice of what I wear and  knows something of my style.

These are the initial pictures. Don’t worry ladies, he did not do my hair or makeup.  I put the finishing touches myself before I walked out the door. There is a limit!

So I am proud to have written this love letter. Thank you honey!

1st day outfit vintage dress I bought in LA

2nd day with Angelo's Jacket. My favourite

3rd & final day

7 Responses to “A Love Letter”
  1. This made my day ! ! ! ! ! ! If you know me my motto my catchphrase !! The very words I live my life by !! ‘DO or Die !!” Love Trust and Loyalty …. X …. Love ya both !! Decent People hard few and far !! I’m blessed to have you back in my life again !! X


  2. Myles says:

    Love it, great blog. My fave is the Grey blazer get up, but you look gorgeous in anything..almost! x


    • B in the Making says:

      Thank you! Hope you continue reading…. Grey Blazer my favourite too. Don’t think he is getting it back!:)


  3. Jo says:

    I love your honey too! And I love that you love him. However, since you are so incredibly stunning, he could have dressed you in beat-down-from-the-floor-down wardrobe and you would still look amazing. Love ya, B!


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