Crime in style

After catching up with all my CSI episodes (Las Vegas and New York), in my dream that evening I was the protagonist detective AND criminal.

Nowadays you have to be a super smart, lucky criminal for you have just about all the information freely available from internet to TV programs and Films on how ‘Not what to do’. Or a super dumb, unlucky one if you have not been following!

Columbo popped up frequently in my dream, so think he was my ‘detective guide’. As the criminal, there was no point of reference, but I was brilliant, lithe, smooth, super quick-witted with ninja style moves.

However I never got to the end of what I was doing? Maybe because my criminal outfit changed so often I actually woke up from frustration! Bummer!

So I have selected some styles and planted in my mind just in case.

Skagen Steel Mesh Watch

Crumpet Cashmere Jumpsuit

Acne Scuba Leather Jacket

Silent by Damir Doma Sneakers

Barbour Duralinen Tarras Bag


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