Popped our collars & hollered ‘LA.’ Pt. 5 V 4 Vintage!


Vintage store in Venice with ‘graffiti’ styled pillars that line the building’s side-walk is not one you would initially think to go into if you were looking from across the street. BUT  walk up to the store and you will be AMAZINGLY surprised, and guarantee  you will be coming out with a happy shopping bag!

GOTTA HAVE IT is owned by colourful, enthusiastic Denise Portmans. A British ex stylist, Denise sure has her fingers on the pulse of taste. The store windows are entertainingly and stylistically designed, and prompts you to say ‘OOo! What’s that?’ and find yourself inside.

GOTTA HAVE IT is cleanly and easily laid out for all to find what they want. Mens on one side, women on the other and categorised on rails.  A dream for any stylist, buyer, etc who want original items quick and  as a fashion agent my trained eye quickly spotted 4 items! As it happens after I left, 10 buyers from a major UK high street retailer happened upon the store, went in and nearly cleaned the store out!

With fresh items daily and  prices very reasonable (I spent $96.00/£64 for a suede mid length jacket and dress!) it is a place NOT to be missed and the website is great too. Check out their windows page!

Congrats to Gotta Have it! You have renewed my faith in Vintage!

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