Popped our collars and hollered ‘LA.’ Pt. 4 Hopped on HARLEY D

Took some ME time and hopped on a bus. Didn’t know where I was going but I’m like that. As long as I know how I got there I can find my way back.


Saw the new shopping mall and jumped off the bus. Was informed that the Pier and 3rd street (our Oxford Street) was all in walking distance. The mall opened August last year and the design is as you would expect ‘modern’ (no other word to describe it) Starting from top down I happened to look at the window of a jewellery store.

‘She looks familiar’ I say to myself. On closer inspection I recognise the stunningly beautiful Angie Harmon!

I ask ‘Smile’ the security guard (yes! that was his name and helpful and funny too!) If that was her? He said Yes. And that it was ok to go inside and talk to her.

At 5’10 and in an emerald green maxi dress, Ms Harmon is taking an interview with a television station. Just as I walk inside she finishes turns and smiles at me.Up close she is even more gorgeous! and what a lovely personality too. We chatted a bit, did the ‘cliché’ by getting her autograph and photo with me.

Walked out happy. Whizzed though 3rd Street with buskers and street dancer and headed for the pier.

It’s The West Coast’s Annual Harley Davidson Meet! HELLO!

Trust me! They all look tough but were as cute as the little white dog that one of them had. The pier was packed with visitors, bikers and bands.

Happened upon one called Hortez and his purple bike. I wanted to take a picture and wanted to take more as he was a cool character, but he was leaving. I said no problem as I was leaving too. ‘ HOP ON, AND I GIVE YOU A LIFT TO THE TOP’


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