Popped our collars and hollered ‘LA’ Pt. 3 The Double B


Birthday boy Angelo and Blissful day at a spa

I thought I had great spa days and massages in UK, Bali, USA and Italy, but when Denise and Christine  told Sharon and I that they had booked a couple of hours at a Korean Spa called NATURA SPA SPORTS HEALTH CLUB
for a body scrub and a scrub we you would not believe we jumped at the chance.

Poor Angelo! (Honestly can’t remember if I said I would spend the day with him, but hey…)

All 4 of us jumped into Denise’s open top BMW and drove towards Korea Town. Arrived at the historic Wilshire Galleria building which is also a shopping mall,  and entered NATURA SPA SPORTS HEALTH CLUB

Now listen carefully. This spa is NOT FOR THE TIMID! In the women only section you are NAKED! So whatever hangs ups you have with your body, leave them at the door. (Obviously you get complimentary robe, towels, flip-flops and take whatever necessities you may personal need)

There is everything you could want in a spa. Dry Sauna, steam rooms, whirlpools, cold plunges (first I have seen and did only once as it is freezing but highly refreshing). Yellow clay room made from clay imported from Korea, a Jade stone room (loved this one), sleeping room, relaxing room and full Korean restaurant.

THE BODY SCRUB… OMG! TOTALLY AMAZING!… Scrubbed from head to toe, back and front, and in movements and pressure that I had never experienced before.  They use special mitts as well as their hands. My lady had the firmest but softest hands EVER! The staffs are massage specialists trained in the traditional art of Asian deep tissue and scrub methods the lady said ” You want shampoo” I NEVER let anyone touch my hair except myself and my hairdresser but the experience was so relaxing and overwhelming, I did not hesitate!

The same went for Sharon.
whole body scrub itself  took 1 hour. In total we spent 3 hours there. When finished I was totally speechless!

They also do Men only too.

So if you are ever in Korea town take 3 hours out of your day and DO THIS! I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


On way back it would have been sacrilege to eat anything but healthy food. So decided to popped into Whole Foods, bought salmon, birthday cake and other bits and decided to have a surprise birthday dinner for Angelo back at Denise’s house and drinks by the outdoor fire.

The boy was proper surprised and bashful! Awww! Bless his cotton socks. Happy birthday love!

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