Popped our collars & hollered ‘LA’. Pt.1 Shangri La

This trip to LA was NOT your run of the mill vacation/ Lawrence’s photographic show opening! We popped our collars and & hollered in LA…

First up will give you the roll call of the main players (if I sounding kinda USA’ish, forgive! I had so much fun!)

LAWRENCE WATSON – photographer , SHARON WATSON – Enduring wife and casting agent, ANGELO CARNIELO- Photographer, curator and my other half, JOEL ‘Boo,Boo’ MARCUS -Editor, DENISE PORTMANS – Gotta Have it Vintage store owner (more about this store to come) & Joel’s other half, STEVE SPIRO – Music, ROB BOZAS – Music, CHRISTINE ADAMS– Actress, ‘SMOOTH’ JAY, wonderful LEIGH, HOLLY & BLU who kindly hosted us at their lovely home in Venice  and finally  ROCKY the dog

Arrived in LA with Sharon to be greeted by ‘Smooth’ Jay, who drove us to our place of stay. Not having sat down for 10 minutes, only to be informed that we were going out for drinks to some hotel ‘Only for a quick one.’ Yeah! Right!

Hoped into the car to Santa Monica. We arrived at this wonderful 1930’s built hotel on the beach front called the SHANGRI LA 

We walk into a cool art deco lobby and is greeted by a cute, full of energy, young man called Miles. Lawrence and Angelo start discussing things about tomorrow exhibition show, whilst Sharon and I literally plonk ourselves down in the leather chairs. Before our eyelids started to droop from the flight, we are all whisked to the top floor.

As it was 10pm and a little cloudy  and cold (Yes! Cold! the temperature drops like crazy after 6pm), we couldn’t see much of a sea view, but the roof top bar was great and cosy and we were offered drinks. A little while later a well dressed woman approached us and introduced herself as Tamie, the owner!  (actual name Tehmina Adaya) and the hotel’s exuberant Brand Executive, Paul Nugent

More drinks!

Tamie’s family has ties to the building going way back and there is actually a family mural on the ceiling of the downstairs bar! Tamie bought the property in 2004 and spent millions on refurbishing. SHANGRI LA  re-opened in 2009 to it’s now cool glory and it’s ‘THE PLACE TO HANG OUT’ status.


Tamie then invited us to a tour of one of the main rooms. The ROCK ‘N’ ROLL suite or R.N.R as it was signed.

Place was kicking! Two separate suites, main living area and kitchen and the best of all the ‘GROUP SHOWER’ and NO! there was no group shower taken by us but a great photo was taken.

Then ‘ We would be very happy for you all to stay the night.’ Tamie said.

Silence, Sharon, Lawrence, Angelo and I all looked at each other in utter surprise!

‘Are you kidding??!’ one of us asked

‘No, please! It would be a pleasure to have you as our special guests. On the house! And in the morning please come down and enjoy the pool too.’

To say that staying in the RNR suite was PURE LUX is an understatement!

Tamie, Paul & Miles, we SALUTE AND THANK YOU!
I can say no more!

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