Noisettes in da House (Shoreditch House pool party)

Could this be the start to a great summer? Me thinks so!

From what I have seen, this extended bank holiday has brought out the best in people. Everywhere I have been, wether it be walking down the canal to Angel, drinks and BBQ’s,  street parties, meeting football supporters on train, the wedding, I have been greeted with smiles, waves and Yo’s!

Yesterday afternoon got a text message ‘Come to Shoreditch House 5pm Pool Party’. I just finished an 11km walk, sun and good vibes around made me respond quicker than lightning ‘Yep!’

Got there to be greeted by a queue and Emma. “Blooming heck” I say to myself, but thought I’m here now and dressed so…

Got inside to be greeted by lookalike Queen and her Guard (Wills and Kate wedding vibe still going strong). Queued for the lift and headed straight for the bar got a couple of drinks, wandered around a bit then back to the pool side lounges and people watched. This  however, did not last long as it was freaking windy and cold as heck! So we bounced downstairs, greeting people as we passed, got a cup of tea and glass of red wine  and ended up playing SPACE INVADERS for 2 hours! Wicked!

Whilst playing the music started to change. THAT WAS IT!

We went back up to the pool and BINGO! Smiles, laughter and getting down to old skool garage. As DJ Severino was rocking it like there was no tomorrow, he injected the atmosphere with energy and FUN! Even the posers had to let down their ‘Don’t talk to me’ attitude. They were nice, relaxed and just got into the flow,


Cute as a button in a gold outfit, Noisettes  appears on the small stage and then belts out her one song of the night ‘HEY, HEY’ Nice vocals!

After that it was all go! After whipping up a sweat, I go out to cool down. I clock Lisa Snowdon hair whipping at the pool side lounge, watch the semi synchronised swimming and chat and say ‘Hi’ to new and ‘long time no see’ faces

The next thing I hear is ” I’m going in.”

“Where?”  As I say this I see Emma peeling off her dress and reveals her swimsuit. 5 minutes later she is thrown in the pool!

What a night! ENJOY THE SHOW!

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