>Retail is having a bugger of a time from top to tail.

Fashion is getting a real kick in the behind too.

The Times with ‘Discount Britain struggles as consumer crunch bites’
No one is immune to this that include me too.

I maybe completely naive on this, but I think we are experiencing a backlash of this discount culture.
Mid season sale, discount vouchers, BOGOF, 2 for the price of 1, 50-80% off. It’s all around us on all levels.

So has this culture we have developed in the country been created too early?

Discounts are great for food as it is an every necessity. Discounts on white goods and holidays are cool too as these are not an every day purchases and can be pricey

But for fashion we are too quick to go on sale.
Britain has the most diverse fashion retail market in the world. We have retailers on every level from High Street to Designer to sample sales.

So why you all want to shoot yourselves in the foot by constantly offering discounts and then complain.
When discounting becomes an everyday affair, why should the consumers bother shopping when it doesn’t feel ‘special’
Because you have killed the ‘Feel Good’ factor of a purchase by cheapening it!

For me the enjoyment of “going out shopping” was you looked for that bargain in ADDITION to that special purchase.

Would it not be better if we had traditional sale periods and stuck with them? So when the hard times like these come around, discounting would be highly appreciated, possibly fun, stimulate spending and just about keep us all going.

I hear too many a fashion buyer wishing for  return of traditional sales periods, and I am starting to think this way too.
So retailers roll up your sleeves and try and stick to your guns.


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