The Lion, The Which? & The Wardrobes

>Right now anything under 20 degrees is cold for me. Hey! It’s London, what do you expect!
But the sun is making more encores, putting it’s welcomed rays on me, extending the day and slowly convincing me that Spring is on it’s way!

But I have a lil’ problem…
As I’ve been a woollen coat, knitwear, dark colour wearing hermit for the last 7 months,
this is the time of year where I find it a royal pain in the butt to find transitional, trend pieces before the summer kicks in.
I am sure many of us gals can relate to this.

So having a quick browse down Oxford Street last week (yep! me, Oxford Street!) and magazines, I start to see what is emerging and what is to my taste.
My 2 favourites and dead certs,  are colour blocking and leather. You could have endless options with these trends.
And… I leopard.
Now never have been a fan of leopard and there are some leopard prints out there that are ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ tack, but look well and you could find a contemporary print and shape that can look sharp.

I’m an item shopper, don’t do full looks and I’m not ready to buy anything new yet.
So what I do?
I go home and tackle my nemesis that are The Wardrobes. In true Lion style I re-organise, kick out and store a whole heap.
Mark, you are going to kick my behiny when you see!
I found many items that I had bought way back when, thinking they were cool, but then there was never an appropriate occasion or never the right time to wear or use it. So back of wardrobe they went.

The nicest surprise were 2 bags that I had bought in Milan yonks ago! (think years).
One a Marni patch/multi size bag and the other Helmut Lang 2 pocket suede number.

They sure looked good, so start to pull together Which looks that I’d be happy to wear in this weather.
(Will find Shoes to match later)

So before you spring clean your wardrobe have a look at this season’s trends, find what suits you,  become The Lion and tackle The Wardrobes.

Thanks honey for my lovely roses. Got a massive bunch too!


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