>I like to keep my blog lighthearted and fun, but this weeks Japan’s earthquake (9 magnitude and 165 aftershocks till today) devastation has left me thinking and feeling loads.

Number 11 is supposed to be lucky, no? 
But one comment posted on a video regarding Japan’s mighty earthquake rang true! 
September 11- World Trade Centre
January 11 – Haiti Earthquake 
 March 11- Japan Earthquake

I have been following the events closely, the videos, images, the comments, and in less than 3 months into 2011 we have seen earthquakes, hail, snow storms, tsunamis, uprisings… So many lives lost, many missing and thousands displaced, fraught and scared. Truly frightening!
So will this BIG wake up call from Mother Nature make us change our ways?

‘It is only when mankind is on the precipice of destruction do we rise’ Anon.

In addition to this prices across the board have risen. From fuel and precious metals, to food and clothing.


East Asia is the world’s biggest producers of goods with Japan being the world’s 3rd largest economy Just look around your home. 90% is made over there including your clothes.
The current devastating effects are huge and WILL have an knock on effect to us over here, even if they are over there. One way or another.

‘So what do I do’.
Don’t ask me! I am just trying to find answers and get by just like the rest of you.
But one thing is for sure, I can’t change the universe, but I can try NOT take things, nature and people for granted, give back what I can, and live a life that I am happy with.

One Response to “LUCKY NUMBER 11?”
  1. IreneB says:

    >And all the sicko pyscho's out there making jokes about this tragedy…. I can't even comment, my disgust can't be measured.


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