>Ah! Redchurch Street. 2006-2011

Nearly 5 years on the street and I have seen the fastest changes I have seen anywhere.

First time I really took notice was the arrival of The Boundary Hotel and The Albion. Both owned by Terence Conran. Then the refurbishment of The Owl and Pussy Cat (the regulars there I called the “Pussy Patrol”)from a traditional, feisty pub to, dare I say, a trendy one. Still good though!

Once the hub for upcoming artists, with it’s raw, gritty energy, street jiving love and war, the street has fast become more retail.
Not your ordinary retail high street though. Surrounded by the originals such as Lounge Lovers, the strip bar The Whitehorse (Yes! It gets a mention) and The Owl and Pussy Cat. It’s sharper, a street with soul and originality.
Although quickly dwindling, Redchurch Street still has it’s galleries, and its TimeOut sponsored 1st Thursday of the month opening nights, but the street is now peppered with quality boutique retailers such as Aubin & Wills, Sunspel, Caravan, Horstem, Aesop and Labour & Wait.
With no major high street chains it makes the street unique and attracts a more diverse, curious crowd.

Maverik Agency and Maverik Showroom have had good times on this street.
Our famous “bench” spawned many of the others to do the same, because on a daily basis you were entertained. And entertained we were!

We have had proper belly laughs on this street, had many an argument and drama, but there was always as sense of community. Going to miss the gossip!
Most of all we have been shown love and friendship which we take with us and to the next level.
We have NOT stopped, but it was time for us to move on.

So as a tribute to you all, here are just a few of the exhibitions we have had the pleasure of hosting.

Could not put them all, but you ALL know who you are! 
We send you much love and thanks for making our space one of the coolest on the street. 



6 Responses to “THE WORLD IS…OURS!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >Time surely passes by like a breeze in a late summer's evening. See you around guys x


  2. Anonymous says:

    >just find out about it…I really going to miss you guys…I followed your work on weekly basis…will miss you X


  3. Mattie says:

    >Another door opens, All the best guys! We moved to Redchurch a year before you opened Mav and it's amazing how much it's evolved since then. Can't wait to see what you do next! Thank you and cheers for the mention, big love xx Redchurch fam


  4. EmmaJCrosby says:

    >You both did such an amazing job – loved the gallery nights, love you both… can't wait for the next episodes xx


  5. Anonymous says:

    >One of the few truely top agencies and I'm gonna follow you…..on to a good thing…Luck and loveLesley X (Manna)


  6. >THANKS SO MUCH for the lovely comments. In the immortal words of Arnie "I'll be back!" + Angelo, sooner than you think. xxx


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