Victoria vs Gaga


As you may know it’s London turn to host Fashion Week (LFW), so besides my showroom appointments I have been following and attending a few.
Only half way through and I have seen some serious ‘ I love it’, but will make my LFW selection at the end of next week.
This week we are told that London is the biggest retail sales in the world beating NY, Paris and Tokyo. £64 billion worth.
So ‘What drives fashion?’
It’s a big question to answer and has many facets attached to it. The collection comes down the runway and photographers, editors and bloggers have to think carefully and creatively to draw us in.
Then you have the celebrities that attend and are to be sure of front row, sort of endorse the kudos of the designer.
Two high profile celebrities come to mind, are two polar opposites, and where fashion has catapulted them into media obsessions. 
Victoria Beckham has by and large, carved her current status by creating a distinct style, and I admit have worn many pieces I would wear.
Then we have Lady Gaga, an extremely talented song writer and singer, is in my opinion, generally followed and watched for her next mission impossible outfit.
But both gain reams of write ups in the media.
In my circle of friends we muse over and have our minds and eyes refreshed by the wonders of stylists and their creations. 
But then we ‘nit pick’ and ‘edit down’ to what we consider ‘WE’ would wear.
As one buyer rightly twittered this week…
 ‘I happy that many designers were showing such great collections. Innovative, stylish and dare I say it -commercial in a good way’ 

Me like everyone else, just want to look GOOD and actually, just fit in doing it. Lesley (buyer from Manna Boutique in Jersey) so aptly showed me this week. Casual yet ‘bang on’ details  (would have said ‘tres chic’ but it’s all about London now)

 Also these lovely gals are a few that keep it original and real for me.


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