Ring, ring.
“Hello, (company name).”
“Hi, I’ve got a problem and my case number is … and trying to…”
“Sorry, but you have dialled incorrectly. This is (company name). Please hang up, check the telephone number you have and dial again.”
“Oh, so this is not (company name)?”
“No. This is (company name)”
“Oh ok. Thanks”
“No problem. Just check the number properly and dial again”
“Ok. Will do.”
“Have a nice day”

Dead tone.
1 minute later.

Ring, ring.
“Hello, (company name)”
“Hi. I’ve got a…”
“Sorry but I’ve just said that this is NOT the company you want. This is (company name)”
“So your telephone number is not…..?”
“NO! I just informed you to check the number and dial correctly. You have just told me the number you are trying to reach and it is not THIS number”
“Ok. Thanks”
“No problem”

Dead tone.
30 seconds later

Ring, ring.
“Hello, (company name)”
“Oh! Sorry!”


“Well do you have the number of (company name)”
“No. Call directory enquiries. Goodbye”

WHAT THE…bleep, bleep, bleep!

I have had this ‘screen play’ for the last 8 years.
Listening and reading takes skill, patience and execution. Yes! Mistakes are made and we all make them, but how quickly do you take in that information and act on it to your benefit?

My mum’s mantra was “I tell you once, I tell you twice. Don’t let me tell you again!”. And if she did which was pretty often as kids back in the day, she would go DEF CON 5!
Def con 10 was… (I leave that to your imagination)

So thinking about my youth, this weeks inspiration was a little trip to the past as I was given a great picture of my friend Mrs Watson taken by her son this year that I really like.
A revisit to the 70’s, as shown in new spring/summer collections are now filtering into the stores and a birthday celebration that made me get my groove on at the 100 Club to much enjoyment.

Mrs Watson. 

At the 100 Club

Dancer Allison Kyler in BACKSTAGE PRESENTS
Photo by Ken Law 


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