>Some people have stopped and asked us if we were athletes. Today one said we were walking too slow for such young girls!
Oh how we blushed, coo’ed, ‘He, He, he” and swayed our heads like we were teenagers!
But Amanda and I pull in an average of 20km every weekend. Thank you very much!

Power walking is my joy and pain.
My mind becomes free of work and troubles. I power along with every limb and muscle thumping to music, occasionally peppered with light banter and jokes.
As I take in the scenery and have entered Victoria Park, I notice that I am frequently seeing the same thing in quite a few runners. IT IS NOT a trend that I want to follow, and has now become my bug bare, like Uggs (you can’t turn for seeing a pair), that I have to get it off my chest.

And I am speaking of chest… GIRLS, I am very happy to glad to see you all out there getting fit and all (I know most of you are looking at the talent. Hell, I do!) but could you PLEASE strap or tape down or do whatever you got to do, to preserve what God gave you!

I mean running/jogging is tough enough as it is, but to have your TaTa’s jingling all over the place is not going to do you any favours in the long run. So invest in a great fit bra.
One that this going to support and enhance those puppies big or small.
Men will still look at you!:)

And GUYS… What can I say! I mean, COME ON! Some are beautiful to watch swinging or in some cases ‘bungy jumping’ around in all it’s glory past us and we do sometimes SMILE, but personally I would like to see it all in one place, and know that it is safe and secure.

Freedom is each to there own. You wanna hang cool, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
And as long as it’s our there, I’m still going to get joke!

My 3 freedom things that inspire me this week…

My cat Diego- ‘I’m in heaven’

The start of summer

What I am aiming to wear this summer Kaufmanfranco at

3 Responses to “FREEDOM TO JUST HaNg”
  1. >Wanna be him. My home is seriously Hotel 7


  2. Anonymous says:

    >Diego looks like he just did 2ok and if you are wearing that dress we are going out to PARTY!!!, Krispylicious xx


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