>I am very thankful that I don’t live in the era portrayed in the film ‘Logan’s Run’ where you have to die when you reached the age of 30!

Since 30 I have had a pretty product full, event full, mind boggling, annoying, sad and fun time I’d like to think, Thank you very much and still rocking it!

So that brings me to my events of this past week… Nothing much! Ha!

BUT even though we have this ugly January weather. Blooming cold, grey and rainy, today we had glorious Sun on a Sunday (thanks Amanda for that), and that sudden feel good factor brought to mind things that I have liked last week.

So from today I am going to add these to my post. But it will only be 3 images/things/links etc.

 New Brit Award designed by Vivienne Westwood. Well cool.
Yorkshire Pearl getting a lovely mention in Vogue.com.uk as 1 of 12 ‘Designers to Watch’
Congrats Bert!

Would love some new stuff for my house from LITTLE PARIS,  North London.
One Response to “3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER”
  1. EmmaJCrosby says:

    >Cool! Especially Yorkshire Pearl x


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