DELETE 2010!


Blooming heck! Another New Year! I’ve had 40 and still more to come.
So what would be different for me this coming year? hmmmm… Who the hell knows?

In my ‘yout’ every year I had a resolution, some I worked at, some gave up within the hour.

I know that I love and am loved to have the best family, friends and partner in the world so that part of my life is taken care off, so what do I wish for this year? LOADS OF THINGS!

So this year’s New Year Resolution is ‘Ce Sara Sara’
Going to let the angels do their work as they seem to have disappeared the year!
So while they are preparing their best things for me, I am going to act on these things..

1. I’m from the University of Life, so my first lesson for the coming year is that I won’t break your balls if you don’t break mine!

2. Go through all my contacts and delete those I have not spoken or had contact with for over a year. (No offence intended to anyone, but you are clogging up space)

3. Be more astute with my money, meaning buy quality over quantity. And if I can’t afford it, I will safe to buy it. No more sub-standard shit.

4. Going to be more prepared. That way I have more time for fun!

5. Delete all negativity from my mind as its so tiring!
And finally…
6. Be the B.I.T.C.H – Babe. In. Total. Control of Herself.

 Happy New Year and may all wishes and dreams become reality!

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