>I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day and received all the gifts that you wished for!
How COOL is this gift and a whole carton too! Whoo hoo!

After 12 hour food feast of Chicken Roast Dinner (a change this year)
with all trimmings, the ‘meanest apple crumble and Queen B desert surprise, lovingly done with accompanied ruined nails by moi, I am truly knackered.  “Could someone turn me over in an hour?”

Now sales start in earnest today with most at 50-70% off!
but I need to do a big shout out to London Underground today…


So in the meantime today I surf the net old style, I am tantalised by… – Great USA website with some amazing designers and imagery. Like it because it seems so laid back in it shots, but yet tell me that I can wear too without thinking I could be looking like a lolita. So where else do I visit? – start to look but end up getting dizzy at the number of pages there are just of dresses. I will come back to later with my man for as sure as the wind blows there will be something (s) we will be wanting.
Another visit – inspirational in terms of whom to watch, who Young British Designers are backing but the main reason why I like this site is because of it’s ‘human’ touch and content it puts out. Not an easy feat to do. My favourite designer at mo at YBD is SYKES, reminds me of Mike &Chris label, trendy but not too trendy.
For gadgets there is only one place for me worth looking and that USA site that seems to have serious bargains galore.

Right, I’m off now to finish the remaining apple crumble with custard!


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