The Gathering

>My first point of call this am was to Face book. The first post was ‘is on brink of Xmas shopping’
my reply was ‘where?’, obvious response ‘Oxford Street’

Now why on heavens earth would you want to shop on Oxford Street on the last working day with (in my opinion there are only two main types this time of year) hoards of either dithering, pathetically slow purchase shoppers, or the speedy, angry Gonzales types who purchase the first thing they see and angrily part with their money?

I sent him my prayers

The Gathering of the Asda Massive
After a quick email check, the next was to do our weekly shop.
We decided to go to Asda, not of preference but of convenience as it was too bloody cold!

11.30am arrival was greeted by a queue to enter the store. Asda ‘cleverly’ decided to put extra tiers of food, beverage and veg at the entrance of the store, creating a narrow tunnel. A complete road block.
Therefore, you had to wait for those to exit first to allow you, with your trolley, to enter.
Thumbs up Asda! Great layout and planning!

Now to the first stop to get veg.
Not happening.
Dump the trolley in the aisle, walk down the aisle, grab all the veg that you need and can carry (my pockets came in handy), then queue to exit the aisle!
I could go on and on, but you get the drift.
It’s Thursday the 23rd December people, not Armageddon!

1.45pm was the time we left with a 1/4 full trolley, alive!

The Gathering of ‘La Familia’
All I have to say about Emma is that if you could bottle the essence of Emma, you would make millions!

Each year she calls the ‘La Familia’ to her house for pre Christmas drinks and catch-ups (also done on birthdays and national holidays)

‘La Familia’ are Emma, Uwe, Siobhan, Anne, Matt & Charlotte, Ben, Richard, Annie, Beth, Alex, Eleanor and nominated guests, the kids, and Bentley the flatulent dog.

Beautifully decorated home, but still homely if you get what I mean, mulled wine and cups of tea on tap. Food, laughter, music (Stevie Wonder again!) and gossip.

I have known this group of friends for almost 15 years and we may not see or speak to each other every day, but it’s like having your favourite blanket around you and wonder why we don’t do it more often.
Maybe the key that after all this time we are still so close is that we don’t need to be in each others pockets to know that you are part of ‘La Familia’

A Good day. A good night. A good Gathering.


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