The Start before the End

>It’s 1.25am December 22nd 2010 and sitting here writing my first post.

Before I had wanted to write my thoughts for the longest time somewhere, anywhere and I did for a while on paper

Then I ran out of paper and scribbled too many mistakes. But that’s the beauty of just writing. Writing what you think and what you feel when you can’t vocalise what you want to say and who to say it too.

I just had one of those days where nothing felt right. All felt wrong. No matter what it was it didn’t feel good.
I actually burst into tears when I got home from the office and my partner told me he couldn’t get a christmas tree because they were sold out. LOOSER ME!

But how sweet he was. Giving me a hug, making me a cup of tea and telling me all would be ok and that we could go to the next store to buy another.

Put me shoes and thick coat back on, and he held my hand as we walked in the snow to a local store and bought the smallest of christmas trees that was left and some scented candles.

We came home and I decorated our new ‘Ghetto fabulous’ tree, which is actually really cute.

Even though I woke up feeling yucky and low, my day turned into a Ghetto Fabulous one!


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